Neighbourhood Mail:

A great media for driving response

Neighbourhood Mail gets results

Reach every home and apartment in a specific neighbourhood with your marketing messages.

Benefit from having your items delivered with regular mail, which means they’re more likely to be viewed and read.

Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail™ finds exactly the right customers for your business. Choose your delivery areas with the help of targeting options that include geographic, age, education and lifestyle information.

If you can define your target audience, we can help you isolate geographic areas where that audience represents a significant proportion of the population. By intelligently targeting the right customers and tailoring your message to them, you’ll make your brand more relevant and more likely to make a connection that results in action.

Whether you want to mail within a local trading area, or to every affluent neighbourhood in Canada, we'll help you target your mailing and tailor your message for greater response.

Direct mail inspires

It’s so engrained in life that that consumers ritualize it. In the process, they imbue it with emotionally charged meaning, making them more susceptible to inspiration from brands.

Direct mail gets noticed

Consumers are far more likely to notice, open, read and enjoy mail than digital forms of advertising. They consider it less intrusive, more memorable, and the best way to make them feel valued.

Direct mail persists

Consumers save mail, display it in highly visible areas of the home, and even pass it along to others. This creates multiple opportunities for a brand to be seen and engaged with.

Direct mail persuades

Whether it’s to drive a store visit or purchase, mail delivers a call-to-action that resonates.

The mailbox delivers great ROI

The mailbox is one of marketing’s least cluttered channels — helping to deliver high response rates and good return on investment.

How it benefits you:

Advertisements in the mailbox are effective at driving online purchases.
Canada Post delivers to every mailbox in Canada – put your message directly into your customers’ hands.

Whether you're a seasoned campaigner looking for great service & the best rates, or a new-business owner wanting to explore Direct Mail marketing, give us a call! We still answer the phone, and love to talk mail. Talk to us about developing the best mailing plan.

As a Direct Mail Provider, we have the In-depth Knowledge & Technical Expertise that lead to campaign success and savings.

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