A Service Provider does it all For You

If you are familiar with the old way of doing things, large mailouts meant hours of staff time assembling the pieces and manual sorting into dozens of bins, boxes and piles. Our services remove the need for extra hours, and ensure a managed distribution campaign that helps Direct Mail work for you.

Proven production techniques interacting with modern technology, and advances in sortation methods, help us move a lot of mail. Well managed data is behind an effective mailout, although it does takes many ingredients to put a job together.

Every mailing moves through several stages of production that are planned in a manner that best suits job quality and timeliness. It's a pleasant surprise to discover that once we have a job in hand, it can sometimes be configured in a more efficient and economical manner that previously expected. Any cost savings always go back to the client.

Some of the varied tasks performed in processing large mailings may include:
Postal Sortation | Postage Application | Data Management | Data Merge | Addressing | Labeling | Folding | Inserting | Collating | Kitting

Direct Mail processing generally begins with database cleanup, after which addressing data is encoded by postal sortation software. Our industry standard machinery, printing and finishing equipment, along with personal attention to all aspects of production, ensure the highest quality of packages hitting your targets. Materials handling care; tidy bundling, bagging and tagging; all contribute to the end result.

Isn't it always nice to receive a piece of mail that feels like it's just been put together and handed to you?